For Biotech:

Sales and Scientific Support Services - Lead Generation - Webinars - Conference Support - Market Assessment - Marketing Materials - Advertising  -   Sales Training  -  Software Dev  

Supporting a Complimentary Set of

Innovative Life Science Offerings

bioinformatics data analysis
bioinformatics data analysis

For Drug Companies:

Bioinformatics - Data Analysis - Biomarkers - Biomedical Content - Business Intelligence - Data Curation - Drug Repositioning - Mechanism of Action – Medical Affairs - Patient Stratification - Regulatory Services - Single Cell Analysis - Translational Science Services - Life Science Ontologies -  Genomic + Genetic Cohort Analysis - Business Dev - iOS App and website development

Science Presentation

Direct Sales Services 

CBC covers direct sales and scientific support for all major Pharmaceutical hubs around the world.   We offer de-risked best in class sales support at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated sales team.  Contact us to learn how to begin the qualification process and learn how your product or services can fit into the CBC ecosystem.  

Sales Call Presentation Bioinformatics

Other Sales and Marketing 

Whether your targeting customers for a Webinar, conference or targeted marketing to drive your early sales funnel CBC works closely to match the strategic benefits of your offering with the right life science  or heath care professionals.  

drug development research

For Drug Companies

CBC qualifies every partner and consultant in our ecosystem so we can solve the toughest challenges in Pharmaceutical Drug Development across the entire process from early discovery, to development and safety, to translational science and biomarker to clinical trials, regulatory issues and pharmacovigialence.  

Supporting a complimentary set of innovative life science offerings